Hello, my name is Jennie, and I’m the founder of Lois Avery. I was once a lawyer trying to juggle a busy career, family and chasing my passion in life, which has always been fashion.

When I finally decided to leave the law behind and open my own business, I chose cashmere because some of my fondest memories are centred around the gorgeously soft and luxuriously warm material. From my favourite honey pashmina I wore whilst sitting on a terrace overlooking Lake Garda, to the gorgeous baby blue piece I swaddled my newborn son in on a flight to my native Australia—cashmere is lovingly wrapped around my most meaningful memories.


Lois Avery cashmere shawls are very special to me, which is why I’ve chosen to work with the most renowned family-owned mills in Italy. Our cashmere comes from different breeds of Asiatic goats including Capra Hircus Blythi. These goats produce one of the finest natural fibres in the world, and it is woven into cashmere products made not only for Lois Avery, but for some of the world’s most famous fashion designers.

It’s this commitment to quality and our relationship with our suppliers, that has helped me fulfil my dream of creating more than just a product, but a brand of the finest cashmere for every occasion.

I hope you’ll agree that the shawls truly are a dreamy range of forever pieces, and that each time you wear one, you make a memory filled with love that lasts a lifetime.

love Jennie