What to Wear on an Italian Holiday

Italy is known as one of the fashion capitals of the world, so going on holiday there is the perfect excuse to expand your wardrobe. Travelling like a local and not a tourist means channelling your chic inner-Italian and dressing to impress, which is probably easier and requires less pieces than you might think. However, if you’re wondering what staples you’ll need for a trip to Lake Como, Portofino or the Amalfi Coast, we have some fabulous ideas for you!

Image:  Marlene Lee

Stripes or polka dots

Subtle and classic patterns like stripes and polka dots are timeless, must-haves in the Italian woman’s holiday (or everyday) wardrobe. Think colors like navy, white and ivory — soft, effortless shades. There’s a very slight nautical vibe that might come from these choices, but it’s much appreciated in Italy and super appropriate.

Flowy skirts with a defined waist

Midi and maxi skirts that define your waist are crucial for any Italian vacation. They’ll keep you cool, but don’t lack sophistication. One of our favorite looks is a white button down midi cotton skirt. It’s something that would have been worn in the 1950s, which is usually a good thing when trying to emulate Italian style.

Woven hats

The sun and heat can be really intense during the summer, so you’ll need the perfect hat to not only be incredibly chic, but to also ward off overheating and a sunburn. You can go for the classic woven floppy hat and a gorgeous pair of sunnies. You might even get mistaken for a celebrity going incognito because your look is so on point.

Lace-up sandals or flats

Being in Italy during the summer is about spending time outside and exploring everything the country has to offer. With all this wandering around comes a lot of walking, so you’ll need a sensible pair of shoes. To keep it stylish, we recommend going with a lace-up flat or sandal in — you guessed it — a neutral color. The Italian look is about being sophisticated and smart, so sticking to this simple and elegant color palette will do you well.

White cotton dress

Ah, there’s nothing better than sipping champagne near the water in a cool, light dress in Italy in the summer. It’s like a dream. For your dress, you still want it to be classic, but you can incorporate some current trends like the bell sleeve and lots of embroidery. Your lace-up flats will go perfectly with this outfit, too. That’s really what Italian style is all about — only having a few classic pieces that can be mixed and matched for a week’s worth of fabulous looks.


Well, of course! For the cooler evening sunsets, a cashmere scarf is an ideal companion, and very Italian. Layer it around your neck when it’s chilly, or tie it around your beach bag for day time activities. Chic, with a small amount of effort!