How to Tie A Scarf The Lois Avery Way: Cortina Knot & Firenze Wrap

Christmas is fast approaching and because I know there will be lots of Lois Avery gold boxes under various trees this year (thank you SO much for the support!), I thought I’d share some inspiration on how to wear your cashmere scarf the Lois Avery way. And because it’s the holiday season, I thought I’d demonstrate not one, but two ideas! The scarf I’m using is also our number one best seller - the Classic in Slate. But let’s get on with the demos, shall we?

First, we have the Cortina Knot. It’s a classic knot that will take you from brunch in town in the morning to the winding ski slopes in the afternoon.


Cortina Knot

How to tie a cashmere scarf by Lois Avery


Steps 1 & 2

You always want to start this process off by giving your scarf a good shake. This preps the cashmere to be tied ever so perfectly, and is great for getting rid of creases and any moths.

Scrunch the scarf in front of you with your hands in the middle. You need an even amount of cashmere on each side.

Step 3 & 4

How to tie a cashmere scarf by Lois Avery

Fold the scrunched scarf in two so that its length halves. Then place it behind your neck.

Create an opening at the folded end.

Step 5 & 6

Pull the fringed ends through the hole you created in step four.

Fan out the ends to make beautiful shapes - this style is all about optimising those fringes!


Firenze Wrap


The second style is the Firenze Wrap. A nice contrast compared with the Cortina Knot. It’s such a simple way to wear one of our scarves, but it's also elegant and really makes the cashmere an important component of your outfit rather than just an accessory. I love this look over an evening dress or on top of a coat.

Step 1 & 2

As mentioned above, give your scarf a good shake!

Hold the cashmere behind you as if it's a blanket and you are about to wrap yourself up.

Step 3

Pull the cashmere into place and then let go so that it drapes over your arms.

Step 4 & 5

Raise one corner, and then throw the raised corner over your shoulder so you create a beautiful drape and lots of soft folds of cashmere.

Voila! You are ready for the ball or ski resort!

I hope you all are continuing to enjoy these demonstrations. If you’ve missed our first three, you can find them here, here and here.

Images: Marlene Lee