An Interview: A Dozen Flavours of Gelato with Nina Parker

- ‘A Dozen Flavours of Gelato’ -

Nina Parker

I know it’s been some time, but we finally have another installment of our A Dozen Flavours of Gelato series! This time it’s with the sensational Nina Parker! Nina is a super cool and talented lady. She is a chef and the writer of NINA St Tropez and NINA Capri- two amazing cookbooks. You may recognize NINA Capri because I mentioned this book in my post about Italian cookbooks.

I've been following Nina on Instagram for years, but it was definitely the launch of NINA Capri with its beautiful recipes and photography that caught my attention. Not to mention, Nina's beautiful personal style and love of white dresses (major swoon)! Nina is also a travel and food columnist for Tatler Magazine. Given her busy schedule, I am so grateful she found the time to answer our A Dozen Flavours of Gelato questions.

  • What’s your Gelato flavour?

    If I'm making it, then vanilla with hot dark chocolate sauce. It never disappoints! If I'm out and about then hazelnut and chocolate.

  • Your first coffee of the day is a…

    Cappuccino with oat milk!

  • Fondest Italian lunch memory?

    There are a few, but probably all of the ones on my Capri book shoot on the island of Capri with my family. One that stands out was at a restaurant called Il Riccio in Anacapri where we ate copious amounts of seafood pasta and the restaurant has incredible white and blue tiles everywhere. There is a famous dessert room where it's all you can eat cake for 20 euros. I was in heaven!

  • Favourite Italian brand?

    I don't own much, but I love D&G. I have a classic dolce vita style black dress that I've had for years and it's still going strong.

  • Do you use any Italian words or phrases regularly?

    Ciao, bene, mamma mia and grazie mille - sounds weird but I actually do!

  • First Italian icon that comes to mind…

    Sophia Loren - obvs.

  • Favourite Italian island?

    I do love Ischia but my heart belongs to Capri.

  • What’s your go-to Instagram account for Italian inspiration?

    There is a beautiful hotel called Masseria Potenti (@masseriapotenti) in Puglia that I follow and they always post classic pasta shots and interiors. They seem to be having a nice time over there!

Nina Parker of Nina Capri
Nina Parker Nina Capri
  • Where is your favourite place to watch the sunset in Italy?

    When you are on a boat driving past the Faraglioni famous rocks near Capri - you can't beat it!

  • When in Italy your Aperitif is…

    Peach bellini!

  • Please tell us the one place you’ve never been in Italy but long to go.

    Puglia and Sicily are on my list!

  • Favourite movie with an Italian connection?

    I recently watched “Call Me By Your Name”.  It’s set in Lombardy in the summer and aside from the love story, it's very calming and beautiful to watch. Lots of gorgeous scenery.

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All images courtesy of Nina Parker

You can buy Nina’s beautiful books here.

You can see more of Nina’s work on her website, and be sure to follow her on instagram too!

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