An interview: A Dozen Flavours Of Gelato with Food Writer Paola Bacchia

-'A Dozen Flavours of Gelato'-

Paola Bacchia

Paola Bacchia

Pistachio Gelato! 

Pistachio Gelato! 

It’s time for round two of our new quick-fire series, ‘A Dozen Flavours of Gelato’. If you missed round one, you can find it here, but today is all about the incredible Paola Bacchia from Italy on My Mind. Paola is one of my ultimate girl crushes. Her Instagram is drool worthy, her first cookbook, Italian Street Food, shines a beautiful light on delicious Italian dishes, and she even teaches cooking classes in her current hometown of Melbourne (oh how I wish she was in London so I could attend!).

Paola’s roots and family history stem from North Eastern Italy, and she visits every year to not only spend time with relatives, but to continue learning as much as she can about Italian food. Lately, she’s been spending time on the east coast of Italy for her second cookbook, Adriatico, which features photos of the Italian Adriatic coast, the people who live there, and all the fantastic food they make and eat. Keep your eyes peeled because it will be published by Smith Street Books in 2018!

If there’s ever been an inspirational person who loves Italy, it’s Paola! I’m so incredibly excited to feature her on ‘A Dozen Flavours of Gelato’ and I hope you all enjoy her answers as much as I did!

Trieste Centro

Trieste Centro

  • What’s your Gelato flavour?

Unashamedly pistachio

  • Your first coffee of the day is a …

A strong caffe latte, brought to me in bed by my lovely husband.

  • Fondest Italian lunch memory?

With the extended family at their local restaurant in Trieste, when my Aunt Vincenzina (who was about 80 at the time) got tipsy on their Limoncello sorbet.

  • Favourite Italian brand?

Bialetti (makers of the Moka)



  • Do you use any Italian words or phrases regularly?

“Fammi uno squillo” (call me)

  • First Italian icon that comes to mind …

Sofia Loren

Fried Apple Balls from  Italian Street Food

Fried Apple Balls from Italian Street Food

Paola's book:  Italian Street Food

Paola's book: Italian Street Food

  • Favourite Italian island?


  • What’s your go-to Instagram account for Italian inspiration?




La Baia Di Portonovo

La Baia Di Portonovo

  • Where is your favourite place to watch the sunset in Italy?


  • When in Italy your Aperitif is …

Negroni sbagliato

  • Please tell us the one place you’ve never been in Italy but long to go...


  • Favourite movie with an Italian connection?

L'eclisse (Director: Michelangelo Antonioni)




All images Courtesy of Paola Bacchia.

You can buy Paola's gorgeous book, Italian Street Food, here for delivery in Australia and here for worldwide delivery.

Read more about Paola on her beautiful website; Italy On My Mind and be sure to follow her on instagram too!