An interview: A Dozen Flavours of Gelato with Photographer Lucy Laucht

- 'A Dozen Flavours of Gelato' -



I am so excited to introduce ‘A Dozen Flavours of Gelato With…’ — a new feature I’ll be incorporating into Lois Avery's usual blog posts. This bi-monthly series includes fun, quick-fire questions on Italy to a variety of people I admire and applaud. Every person I speak to brings joy and inspiration to the world. Today, I’m launching the first installment with girl crush and travel photographer-extraordinaire Lucy Laucht.

Lucy describes herself as a ‘Brit living in New York by way of Australia’. Judging by her dreamy Instagram snaps she spends more time on a plane than at home! She is the founder of stunning travel website These Foreign Lands that hosts her gorgeous photography and tonnes of fantastic travel guides for destinations all around the world. Her adventurous spirit is contagious, and inspires us all to seize the day and never stop chasing sunsets. It should also be mentioned her style is just as swoon-worthy as her photos, so I can’t think of anyone more perfect to kick off the first edition of this new series.

Lunch on a farm near Lake Como

•What’s your Gelato flavour? 
Pistachio, no contest!

•Your first coffee of the day is a …

•Fondest Italian lunch memory?
Down on a little farm on the banks of Lake Como. Freshly baked bread, vine ripened tomatoes, olive oil, tuna and local wine. Simple, fresh ingredients that tasted like heaven. 

•Favourite Italian brand?
Dolce & Gabbana for their iconic prints that just go so well with the Amalfi coast



•Do you use any Italian words or phrases regularly?

•First Italian icon that comes to mind …
the iconic scenes by photographer Slim Aarons, always an inspiration to me.

•Favourite Italian island?
Ischia, it beats Capri hands down (but don’t tell anyone that!) 

•What’s your go to Instagram account for Italian inspiration?
I love @annapihan (a fellow aussie--she captures beautiful moments during her Italian travels) also @notmynonni, a collection of cute nonnas & nonnis all over Italy and beyond. 



•Where is your favourite place to watch the sunset in Italy?
There’s a little bar called Café Mirante in Praiano. It has the most amazing views over the ocean and of Positano glimmering in the distance. The owners are super friendly, the cocktails are amazing and the crowds are noticeably absent. 

•When in Italy your Aperitif is …
Aperol Spritz, always 

•Please tell us the one place you’ve never been in Italy but long to go.
I’d love to visit the Dolomites and Tuscany. Both on my list for next year! 

•Favourite movie with an Italian connection?
Talented Mr Ripley—I channel Marge whenever I’m packing for an Italy trip! 


All images Courtesy of Lucy Laucht.

You can see more of Lucy's work on her beautiful website; These Foreign Lands and be sure to follow her on instagram too!