5 Ways to Spend a Perfect Summer Evening

I’ve always been someone who spends their winters longing for summer. The warmer months of the year just speak to my soul in a way that is hard to put into words, but hopefully you understand what I mean? You know, it’s the excitement of all the holidays, the fresh produce, going on hours-long strolls and my favourite, the glorious summer evenings. They’re something I wish I could bottle up and keep on hand for when the dreadful winter arrives.

Image:  Marlene Lee

Why am I telling you all of this you may be wondering? Because over the years I feel I’ve become a master of sorts in the ways of how to spend a summer evening and I want to share my best suggestions with you today. You won’t be disappointed with any of them—promise!

Outdoor cinema

What could be more atmospheric than watching one of your favourite movies on a picnic rug in a park? In London, The Luna Cinema offers loads of opportunities to see movies in palace gardens and famous parks. But there are similar cinema experiences all over the world. You could see a classic like my personal favourite, “Casablanca”, or if you need some Italian flair in your life, how about a lighthearted crime thriller like “The Italian Job”?

No-cook dinners

I can’t encourage you enough to embrace warm evenings and escape the kitchen. Who wants to be cooped up cooking when there are sunsets and butterflies to be admired? This is when I turn to my classic “no-cook” dinner. Forget turning on the oven and instead throw together a stylish antipasti platter, salad or cheese board with continental meats and olives. Sounds like a perfectly acceptable meal to me.

Dine alfresco

And speaking of getting out of the kitchen, take that no-cook dinner to the next level and get outside. It’s how I like to make the most of long, warm summer evenings. If you feel adventurous, you could take your dinner to a park, the banks of a river or the beach, but I'm just as happy throwing a picnic rug down in my garden. If you are dining at a restaurant or pub, then pick one with a rooftop terrace or courtyard. Don't waste your opportunities to be outside whilst the weather is good.

Summer Drinks

Let's be honest, the Aperol Spritz was made for summer evenings. If you don’t have any Aperol handy, though, ice cold prosecco or a Campari and soda on the rocks isn't a bad choice for a warm night either. It’s bound to evoke memories (or fantasies if you’ve never been) of drinks sipped along the canals of Venice or the shores of Lake Como.

Find a Sunset

There are few things that get me more excited than a breathtaking sunset. I just love those golden hours in the evening. The early soft pinks and blues as the sun begins to make its transition is actually my favourite time rather than the burnt orange just before it drops beneath the horizon. To capitalise on these cherished summer moments, get online and figure out where the best sunsets in your town or city are. If you are in London like me, I highly recommend Richmond Hill on a clear evening.

If you are really clever, you could probably combine all five suggestions into one glorious marathon of a summer evening. But of course, don’t forget to bring along your Lois Avery shawl for when that cool evening breeze sets in.

Jennie Hogg