Hotel Review: La Sommità Relais, Puglia

La Sommità Relais, A Review

La Sommità is a cosy hotel nestled into the famous white town of Ostuni, with the ocean just eight kilometres away. It’s the kind of place you think of when you imagine picturesque Italy — white-washed stone walls, incredible views and, of course, history. So, if you’re headed to the beautiful and very popular “boot” region of Italy known as Puglia, here are four reasons why La Sommità should be your go-to place to stay.

The Views

You can’t come to a coastal town in Italy and stay in a hotel that doesn’t have a five-star view. From La Sommità, you’ll have breathtaking sightlines of the Adriatic Sea without any obstruction. The premium location of La Sommita on the east side of Ostuni gives you the best of both worlds — views of the sea and also of the historic “White Town.”

Intimate Atmosphere

Although the city of Ostuni can more than triple in size during the summer months, you’ll never feel overwhelmed or crowded while staying at La Sommita. The entire resort is only 15 rooms and suites, and they’re all spacious and uniquely decorated. You’ll feel like you’re staying in a home rather than a temporary hotel room.

Wellness Amenities

When you’re not relaxing in your stylish, intentionally calming room, you can indulge in one (or more) of La Sommità's wellness treatments. The spa’s treatments are geared towards psycho-physical reinvigoration, which means both your mind and your body will feel like new after an hour or so of pampering.

Incredible On-Site Food + Wine

After you’re done gazing at unbelievable views from your beautiful room and relaxing at the spa, it’s time to eat a meal fit for royalty. Of course there’s a plethora of wine available to sip on while you eat your meal in an ancient Spanish garden surrounded by orange and olive trees. This might sound like a fantasy, but it’s all real, and La Sommità makes it possible.

La Sommità Relais
Via Scipione Petrarolo 7
72017 Ostuni (BR), Italy

Photography: Marlene Lee & La Sommità Relais