It takes around 7-10 days to pleat each cashmere shawl. The shawls are pleated by hand on a board and put in an
oven at 90 degrees Celsius. They are then rested for several days.

Then, the scarves have to pass the strictest quality checks. The most important aspects that have to be taken into consideration are the pleating dimensions and the weaving regularity (above all to avoid weft defects). Textile pleating is only undertaken by the most experienced craftspeople and significant skill is required so as not to damage the delicate cashmere.


We are very proud that our suppliers have over 350 years of collective experience in textile craftsmanship. 


Here at Lois Avery we care very much about the quality and integrity of our cashmere. 


Our finished products are exquisite. From raw edges, to the soft pleats, to perfect fringes, every detail is finished with love. 


We deliver the finest Italian cashmere, which means the highest quality raw materials and production methods.